Future Of Supplier Diversity | API Heritage Month Event

Future Of Supplier Diversity | API Heritage Month Event

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Join us as we celebrate Asian-owned businesses and engage with top procurement and supplier diversity leaders.

This is your chance to delve into the future of supplier diversity and its profound impact on tomorrow’s supply chain.

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We are thrilled to announce Mariko L. Sola, CPM, as our keynote speaker for the upcoming #APIHeritageMonth Event.

Mariko’s leadership extends beyond her role as a Certified Property Manager (CPM). She also serves as the Global Co-Chair of Visa’s Pride Employee Resource Group, where she advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion and fosters partnerships to improve lives on a global scale. Additionally, Mariko is a champion of diversity and racial justice through Visa’s Stand Together program.

Her unwavering commitment to uplifting local economies and promoting inclusion makes her a true leader in the field. Join us as Mariko shares her insights and inspires us all to make a difference!

Prepare for an inspiring session with our esteemed panelists: Lili KwanPeter Lee, and Kathleen Wong, MBA, UXC. They will delve into the dynamic world of supplier diversity, with a particular focus on its impact on the future of supply chains.

These experts promise to provide invaluable insights and strategies that can transform your approach to supplier diversity.

Carol Gancia is a seasoned entrepreneur whose greatest passion is learning. She started a video production business at 23 in Manila, Philippines and has grown and expanded in San Francisco, serving the enterprise tech community. Her video business, Ripplemakers, is currently celebrating its 20th year in SF.

Carol has always loved a good challenge and decided she wanted to shake things up, learn a new skill, develop a new talent and serve a new market after working in the television and video industries for so long. She thought about what always makes her happy and chose the chocolate path, learning how to make chocolates and pastries while highlighting her Philippine heritage.

Today, Carol runs two businesses: Ripplemakers and Kokak Chocolates.

Kokak Chocolates is an award-winning tropical-inspired artisanal chocolate shop and cafe nestled in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro neighborhood. With Carol as head chocolatier, the Kokak team crafts high quality, inventive tropical-inspired chocolates and treats that share stories of Asian food and culture.

As Kokak Chocolates marks its four-year milestone, Carol continues to push boundaries, infusing her collections with a deep sense of identity and heritage. With each delectable creation, she invites customers to savor not just chocolate, but a rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and flavor.


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